Change needs to happen, real change where it matters. Our publication focuses on what people and organizations are doing, to positively change the face of our townships. Change to improve real lives, that are in desperate need of development.

We believe that social development starts with the family. Families living in the townships, townships, inherited from the dark apartheid days. Social development should not be a blanket statement. Social development focused on the little and big things that people are doing to lend a helping hand to improve lives in the townships. We all need to start the real change, even if it is motivating change,  or improving one life at a time. Change in a sustainable way is the aim. We want to encourage, through our tailored content for community development.

Its unthinkable for some to think of spending a day in the township, yet daily we interact with men, women, and children living under such appalling conditions, and turn a blind eye, because “its not our problem”. Part of the solution to developing our communities, is to take up the cause and make it our own. Pointing fingers to portion blame is part of the challenge.

During our assignments, we have met up with many individuals and organizations that have taken it upon themselves to be the change they want to see. Individuals of all races, male, female, young, old and from all backgrounds who stood up and volunteered their time, their money their lives towards sustainable development in our townships. Our publications honor these individuals and organizations and shine the spotlight on them in order to motivate more people to take up the cause.

Through inspiring stories by people and organizations on the ground, providing information for upliftment, educating people and bridging a gap by embracing our diversity, we want to inspire people to start making positive changes in their lives. Using what is available and creating their own wealth as a start.

Cape Township Times not only hopes to spread this throughout South Africa throughout all the townships…spreading news that inspires changes, fosters hope and motivates development, from self to community.

You are because we are!