Two-time Hip-Hop World Champion and SA’s Sexiest Man of 2018, Blake the Champ,
uses his life’s lessons and business acumen to encourage youth to make healthy
choices, follow their dreams and educate themselves.
Running three business, Capetonian Blake Williams also manages to fit studying into his
schedule – he is enrolled for a BComm General at REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL.
Blake said: “What I am studying relates directly to my business and public service
passion. It gives me the theory and opportunity to up my game so I can improve my
business and make an impact on young people through my work at Second Chance, a
public benefit organisation that focuses on schools.”

After becoming Blake the Champ through his hip-hop dance wins in 2010 and 2011, his
story of international fame from humble beginnings was written into a case study for the
Grade 11 life orientation syllabus. “I then started sharing my life story at schools and
found that this is where my passion came to use my story to inspire young people to
follow their dreams.”
He uses his personal experience and testimony to demonstrate that obstacles can be
overcome with perseverance and sound life choices.
Blake successfully fits studying into his lifestyle of running businesses, travelling
internationally with his Street Styllers company and his international role as a motivational
speaker and youth programme facilitator.
“As I cannot be a full-time student because if my work commitments, studying through
distant learning at REGENT accommodates my lifestyle. It is easy for me to slot in a few
hours a day to study. I use the REGENT online portal and watch the webinars, and once I
have done this, it is enough guidance for me to prepare for the exams.”
Blake believes that in 2022, people cannot have just one job and he promotes
entrepreneurship that is based on studying and using life experiences. “Give yourself a
chance – you are more capable than what you think you are. Do what you are passionate
about and base this on sound business principles.
“After introducing dance as a form of expression and change, I have written new school
programmes, using my experience, what I have learnt in life and what I am using at

A key lesson Blake shares with young people is that making mistakes and learning from
them is an ingredient for success. “Through your mistakes and those lessons, you will win
later on in life, but so many people are trying to dodge mistakes as no one wants to lose. It is
all part of the journey – actually, it is the journey.
“As a public persona, I strive to be influential for young people to be authentic. I live my life
as who I am – I will never be who I am not. It is so important to take ownership and
accountability of who you are.”
He uses the lessons he has learnt and his influential responsibility as a young man to
motivate boys to “put it in their back pocket to use later in life”.
One of the programmes he runs is on gender, where he talks with primary and high school
boys on what it means to be a man, and that being successful involves being a responsible
and responsive man.
“There is a massive need for boys and young men to have healthy role models because in
more than half the households in the country, there are absent fathers. The vast majority of
these fathers are just not present in their children’s lives to raise them well and empower
them with knowledge. I give boys the practical tools to challenge themselves to be better
He says this responsibility and different business roles he plays is part of the reason he is
studying through REGENT. As a business owner and someone involved in a public benefit
organisation, he believes he needs to constantly expand and bring people on board who are
“Who am I as a leader to give direction if I have not been through what they are going
through? I am doing my degree now so I can be equipped to lead people in a better way,
whether they are qualified or just starting their journey.”
Blake sends a strong message to people who are intending to study but keep putting this on
“When I started my studies, I am so glad I turned one day into Day One. The quicker you
start, the quicker you will be done with it and you may want to move onto new studies.
“My degree study is going so quickly – I blink my eyes and I am already half way. I want to
encourage everybody who has the urge to study to go out there and get qualified. Do your
thing and have it under your belt.”


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