JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 18 FEBRUARY 2021 Each year from 14 – 20 February individuals, organisations and groups of people encourage each other to mark what is popularly known as Random Acts of Kindness Week. It is a day to celebrate kindness, inspiring the pay it forward mentality to those around us and make an impact on someone’s life with a small gesture of compassion.

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, is embarking on various initiatives that aim to spread positivity and joy across the world. Tapping into its roots as Nokia phones were developed in Finland – the happiest country in the world – the team has partnered with various global and local influencers to encourage people to make a positive change in 48 hours this February with their #48HoursOfChange campaign.

Locally, HMD Global has partnered with local filmmaker Liese Kuhn, professional skateboarder, Jean-marc Johannes and micro-entrepreneur, Buhle Sithela. The trio used the Nokia 8.3 5G to capture how they have brought about change in their respective communities. Liese Kuhn shares, “From my childhood I can always remember how everyone in my community supported one another’s businesses. I felt like I missed those connections and making a change by shopping more sustainably and supporting local farmers.”

Jean-marc Johannes adds, “As a professional skateboarder from South Africa, I grew up skateboarding in a challenging environment in the Cape Flats. I aim to showcase the skateboarding talent our communities have and to donate skateboarding products to skaters that are in need to promote the development of the sport and the abilities of these athletes.”

The #48HoursOfChange campaign, which launched on 10 February, aims to encourage people to see what small changes they can make in 48 hours. See how Liese has supported local farms in her area to bring about change on Nokia Mobile social media channels here: Facebook & Instagram.

How can you be kind today?

Following nearly a year of isolation, interacting with our loved ones and those around us has become a challenge. Despite this, one can still spread some kindness and positivity to those in need of some extra cheer. Here are some fun ways to spread some kindness on this Random Acts of Kindness Week.

  • Show your appreciation for a frontline worker – Essential workers have been the lifeline of the economy in our country. Show some kindness by buying your local store clerk a bunch of flowers or by making your local bus driver a lunch pack for the day.
  • Spread some cheer using your device – Video calls and phone calls have become a major part of our lives playing their role as the safest way in which we can interact with our loved ones without physically seeing them. Give your video calls a twist by putting on a fun and quirky outfit to help bring some much-needed cheer and laughter to someone around you
  • Put your spare coins to good use – Notice that you have some extra money to spare for the month? Why not pay it forward by making a digital donation to a shelter, children’s home or animal shelter near you. 
  • Offer assistance to the elderly in your community – Community group chats are always a handy tool to help you identify someone in need of assistance. Ask your local street committee to help you identify an elderly couple or individual that you can help with tasks such as grocery shopping or running errands. 
  • Share an uplifting poem or story with a loved one– HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has recently launched the Short Moving Stories global initiative, created to be shared with loved ones around the world. After a year in which people worldwide have learnt to slow down and find new ways to stays in touch the HMD global team has made short poems and stories available for free download or sharing at in an effort to spread hope and positivity.

Michelle Wynne, HMD Global, Head of Sub Sahara Africa Marketing, said: “Change can be challenging but it can also be incredibly empowering. We want to show people that despite everything that is going on around them, everyone has the ability to facilitate positive change—now and in the future.

At HMD global we pride ourselves by offering affordable access to technology, making it easier to share stories of positivity and optimism.”

*When interacting with others it is always important to remember to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing one’s mask, regular hand sanitising and hand washing as well as maintaining a safe social distance.  


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