The StellenSport Netball League (SNL) has a ranking tournament scheduled for the 17th and 18th of April 2021.  The tournament aims to categorise the teams into two pools for the 2021 StellenSport Netball league scheduled in October / November 2021.  The original 8-12 week tournament had to be postponed due to the Covid -19 pandemic and the specific dates for the 2021 tournament will be announced as soon as the Netball South Africa calendar is confirmed.

The tournament will consist of 10 netball teams from all the Western Cape districts. The number of teams per district has been selected based on the size of the district and the registered netball community within the Western Cape Netball Federation. The ten (10) teams consist of three (3) teams from the Cape Town district; three (3) teams from the Cape Winelands District and one (1) team each from the Overberg, Eden, West Coast and Central Karoo districts, respectively.In addition StellenSport hope to add a junior league in the future. The SNL Junior competition will consist of ten (10) teams competing in the U14, U16 and U18 categories. The composition of the teams will be similar to that of the premier team competition.

The 10 teams are:

Cape Winelands:  Falcons, Eagles, Swifts                Cape Town:  Seahawks, Blue Birds, Blue Cranes

West Coast: Penguins                                                     Overberg:  Flamingos

Central Karoo:  Larks                                                       Eden:  Robins

Sasha Lee Petersen.

The SNL 2021 ranking tournament will take place at the Cape Winelands headquarters in Paarl. No remunerations will be paid in 2021 but the good news is that there will be no cost to players.  StellenSport aims to include a partial monthly salary in 2022 for the duration of the tournament and a full salary in 2024.  The Covid-19 pandemic has forced StellenSort to relook at both their objectives and their goals, with the main goal remaining that of affording a salary to all team members.

CEO of StellenSport, Mrs Freda Kemp explains the plans for  2021 ranking and 8-12 week tournament this year;

“These events will still be subject to Government’s COVID 19 regulations as the health of our participants and stakeholders are of utmost importance to us. Should COVID 19 regulations prohibit the roll-out of the festival we will communicate this to all stakeholders as soon as possible. The ranking tournament will be over 2 days.  Names for the first round will be randomly selected and all teams will play 4 games during the round robin format in each pool on the 17 April.  On the 18th, the teams will play in a cross-pool play-off to determine positions 1-10. 

The tournament highlight will all in all likelihood be when the Stings and the Tornados play exhibition games on the 18 April, against the top team of each pool, which will serve as adequate preparation for the upcoming Telkom Netball League. Keen fans can capture the competitiveness in the comfort of their homes on 18 April, with the games being livestreamed on the StellenSport Facebook page.


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